Why Invest in a RennStand?

Why invest in a RennStand?

RennStand is the Superior Jack Stand. Built in the USA and Guaranteed for Life, RennStand is the only fully height adjustable jack stand that lets you support your vehicle at the same point at which you lift with your jack. What this means is that you never have to go outside of the jacking points on your vehicle which were designated by the vehicle’s manufacturer to be safe to lift by.

The RennStand is also very compact when disassembled, each pair takes up an area of only about 6″ x 10″ x 11″, meaning that a pair of RennStands takes up minimal shelf or trunk space. That’s only one configuration, and since the RennStand disassembles into multiple parts, you can configure them anyway you like to match the space you want to use for storage.

How is the RennStand so stable?

While the false perception may be that the RennStand has a narrower base relative to conventional jack stands due to its elongated design, each base is actually 9″ wide, which is a full 2″ wider than the popular Harbor Freight jack stands with the same load rating.

How is the RennStand so strong?

Each RennStand is rated to three tons, and is built of solid steel components that are laser cut, CNC bent, and robotically welded for consistent repeatability under strict quality control standards.

When the RennStand is supporting a vehicle, the force of the load goes through the RennStand’s central component. The load is then shared by the two bases supporting the central component, which means each base has to support only half of the load the central component is supporting. Compare this to most conventional jack stands on the market, where the vehicle’s load is supported by a single upright column made of cast metal from Asia that feeds into a base absorbing twice the load of a single RennStand base yet with less material.

Your life is worth a RennStand!

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