RennStand – The Jack Stand Revolution

RennStand – The Jack Stand Revolution

RennStand is the only fully height-adjustable jack stand that can be placed at the same point as your jack, so you never have to go outside of your vehicle’s factory designated jacking points as you would have to with a conventional jack stand.

This makes do-it-yourself maintenance safer for your vehicle and for you.

What makes the RennStand unique?

Easy to use, each RennStand has a load rating of 3 tons, and height adjustment ranging from 11.5 to 16.5 inches. Its base is designed to be wide enough to accommodate most conventional floor jacks, while it’s shape narrows upward to allow better fitment within tighter spaces around a jacking point.

Another great thing about the RennStand is its versatility; it can be fitted with a variety of adapters, making it customizable to most vehicles. These adapters can rotate relative to the RennStand which reduces stress and wear to your car or truck’s jacking points.

The RennStand also disassembles fully, becoming extremely compact. In fact, we’re not aware of any jack stand on the market that takes up less space when not in use, so keeping a pair of RennStands in your trunk isn’t a problem where that space is at a premium such as in sub-compact or high-performance cars.

Patented, Proven, Trusted

Invented out of necessity, the RennStand currently has 4 granted patents, with more on the way.

All steel construction, made in the USA, and guaranteed for life, RennStand is the only jack stand you’ll ever need.

Welcome to the Revolution.

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