13 Jan: Featuring: RennStand Universal Pinch Weld Adapter

What is the best jack stand adapter for your vehicle? Look no further. RennStand has a wide variety of adapters, along with some universal options. Let’s talk about the jack pad adapter for RennStand that fits a wide variety of vehicles: The 18M-P04, Universal Pinch Weld Jack Pad for RennStand.

03 Aug: Why Invest in a RennStand?

RennStand is the Superior Jack Stand. Built in the USA and Guaranteed for Life, RennStand is the only fully height adjustable jack stand that lets you support your vehicle at the same point at which you lift with your jack. What this means is that you never have to go outside of the jacking points on your vehicle which were designated by the vehicle’s manufacturer to be safe to lift by.

23 Jul: Origin of The RennStand – Part 3

So now that I had a basic concept down, and fresh from reluctantly having sent several thousand dollars to a lawyer, one I had never really met, to begin the patenting process, I needed to build a prototype for proof-of-concept. Well, proving that my concept would work wasn’t as simple as just putting together a mock-up of a design using a material like wood, as an example, which would have been inexpensive and relatively easy to build.

29 Jun: RennStand – The Jack Stand Revolution

RennStand – The Jack Stand Revolution
RennStand is the only fully height-adjustable jack stand that can be placed at the same point as your jack, so you never have to go outside of your vehicle’s factory designated jacking points as you would have to with a conventional jack stand.

20 Jun: Origin of the RennStand – Part 2

After coming up with the original concept for the RennStand, I thought it might be a good idea to submit a patent application. I reasoned that if I needed a stand like that, then there had to be others that needed one too, and just maybe the stand would also be useful under other makes and models other than just Porsche 911s. Little did I know.